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ALMA Pressefoto Cherubim

20/03/2019 ALMA
Parallel to their live shows and preparations for the festival season the five musicians are also working in the studio on a new album. It will be a christmas record called "Cherubim" and appear on SONY Classical in autumn. Therefore, ALMA decided to search the archives for songs that allow an introverted but also festive instrumentation. Thus the end of the year will be the perfect moment for ALMA to sparkle with "Cherubim".

Alma, Press Photo 2019

12/03/2019 ALMA
The five musicians will perform in very extraordinary venues of southern Germany on Thursday March 14th and Friday March 15th. Their first stop will be in Gilching where they play under the motto "Musik im Rathaus" in the city's most important official building which will be filled with a relaxed and unofficial atmosphere. One day later Julia, Matteo, Marlene, Evelyn und Marie-Theres will be part of the Zwölfte Weyarner Kleinkunsttage and give the "WeyHalla" which is usually used for rather sportive than musical reasons the special alpine touch! Enjoy.

Johanna Juhola 2019

05/03/2019 Johanna Juhola
Johanna Juhola Reaktori will come to Germany for several concerts in March and April! Between March 5th and March 9th the four Finnish musicians will perform in Oldenburg and Hannover first. On March 7th there will be a short exclusive concert where Johanna is accompanied by Antti Kujanpää (piano and harmonium) in Hamburg's location Tango Matrix. Afterwards the quartet will move forward to Flensburg in order to play two concerts in the Orpheus Theater on March 8th and 9th. The first of the two gigs will take place under the motto “The Tango Alternative Night” whereas the second is dedicated to Johanna Juhola Reaktori’s new record “Shadow of a Diva”. Johanna Juhola Reaktori will return in April in order to play two more concerts in Ravensburg (4.4.) and Nürnberg (5.4.). We are looking forward! You find more information here.


07/02/2019 OMIRI
We are very delighted to welcome OMIRI as a new member in the Laviola family! Although the cooperation is not brand new since Vasco Ribeiro Casais, who's behind OMIRI, was a member of the folkrock band Dazkarieh, which was the first band Laviola ever represented. That was many years ago and now our paths have come together again. OMIRI's artistic concept is as original as exciting since he merges traditional Portuguese dances and songs with modern electronics. The result is inspiring and fascinating at the same time since OMIRI does not only play several traditional instruments, he also works with huge screens on stage in order to bring the Portuguese spirit to the audience. We are very happy to have OMIRI with us. Are you ready to dance?

Logo Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg 2019

03/01/2019 ALMA
The new year has started and we are full of fresh energy. Thus, we will be part of the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg from January 21st until 23rd. Come and meet us at our stand, we are looking forward to have many exciting meetings and conversations. In addition we are very proud that ALMA got nominated for the Freiburger Leiter. Thus, they will play a showcase on January 21st on 2:30 p.m. and the award ceremony will be on Tuesday, January 22nd. Our fingers are crossed and bags are packed for Freiburg!