Imagine yourself floating in a pleasant and ever changing space of visualized musical and lyrical impressions, taking you to new and unexpected mental sceneries and emotional places. You're caught in a blackish blue whirlwind of aggressive energy, you float further and notice the pinkish sugarcane softness which is the other end of the scale of Maria Franz' vocal repertoire. Shifting soundscapes and beautiful, secretive and interesting melodies keep surprising you and you catch yourself turning your head from side to side trying not to miss the quirky, bold and playful details in instrument handling, composition, dynamics, pace and rhythm. Then the frisky exploration of genres and electronic possibilities adds sparks to the experience, while the lyrics, honest, poetic and personal, add depth. It's a hell of a ride, I tell you.

Elin Nilsen, Euzen listener

Euzen is a young, extremely talented and ambitious band, situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music is experimental, progressive and electronic, with the main focus of creating innovative music, which is both catchy and complex. Euzen present a variety of expressions in a grand musical universe filled with both acoustic and electronic instruments, completed by the captivating vocal range of Maria Franz. It’s harmonic and intense, intricate and accessible, the total listening experience is completely and utterly unique and offers a fresh angle to electronic music.

Euzen released the critically acclaimed debut album “Eudaimonia” in 2009, and has ever since toured on a wide range of well renowned venues in Denmark and Norway.

Floating on an endless up drift of creativity, Euzen releases their second album “Sequel” the autumn of 2011. The band dives even deeper into their love of groundbreaking beats, appealing melodies and electronical soundscapes. Their self-made universe is increasingly defined and perfective, taking their listeners firmly by the hand and guiding them through their strangely addictive melodies. Their compositions are new and bold, elegantly held together by an experimenting and eagerly creative electronic frame. Their feeling for intensity and excitement in every little sound is worked through to the bones, leaving the total impression of a well composed complexity, fit for both the listener ready to explore and the ones going for the instant kick.


...the adorable singing, that in some moments resembles that of Björk...

Sonic Seducer

one of the most exciting, innovating and ambitious newcomer bands of Copenhagen's electronic independet scene

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Somewhere in between scandinavian pop tradition and british independent Euzen thus offer an insight into their very own realm.

Sonic Seducer

Euzens' concerts are enormous explosions of an immeasurable number of technical effects and an unmistakable deep love for music.

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  • Maria Franz: Vocals
  • Christopher Juul: Keys, Electronics, Programming
  • Harald Juul: Guitar, Mandolin, Strings
  • Thomas Wellin: Bass
  • Kristian Uhre: Live Drums, Electronic Percussion
  • Metamorph (2015)
  • Sequel (2011)
  • eudaimonia (2009)
At the moment there are no concerts scheduled in Germany.