The Swedish group Garmarna defines folk-rock in a modern way and builds bridges over centuries and musical worlds: the mystical figures of medieval ballads, drinking songs and nature songs with harp, organ box, jew's harp and violin meet real rockers with modern electronic equipment. Since the release of their innovative album Vittrad, Garmarna are celebrated as the best folk band in Scandinavia.

Garmarna is the internationally most acclaimed band of modern Swedish folk music. The group uses traditional instruments, adding additional samples, producing an unconventional and novel style. The music is often brittle and difficult to access but powerful, as long as you know how to delve into the inherent sounds and rhythms. All Garmarna albums have been nominated for the Swedish "Grammy". Unique!

PS: The singer Emma Härdelin has another, more traditional project: Triakel

author: Karsten Piel

  • Stefan Brisland-Ferner: violin, viola, bowed harp, percussion, Jew's harps, hurdy-gurdy and samples
  • Emma Härdelin: vocals, violin, flute and percussion
  • Jens Höglin: drums and percussion
  • Gotte Ringqvist: luteguitar, violin, bowed harp, percussion and Jew's harps
  • Richard Westman:
 guitars, Jew's harp, bass and E-bow
  • 6 (2016)
  • Garmarna (2003)
  • Hildegard von Bingen (2001)
  • Vedergällningen (1999)
  • Sir Holger - EP (1996)
  • Guds spelemän (1996)
  • Vittrad (1994)
At the moment there are no concerts scheduled in Germany.
Past dates
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