With a unique consistency and precision, four individual voices blend together as a single entity. Kraja have created their own musical universe: meditative, touching and poetic, which has enthralled audiences as well as critics. Kraja are a rarity in folk music: a young band who already has the status of veterans. After more than 13 years together on stages all over the world, four albums and a nomination for a Swedish Grammy, Kraja have become one of the most successful Swedish folk bands in the international music scene.

Their debut album in 2005 and the follow-up in 2008 consisted mainly of Kraja's own arrangements of traditional Swedish folksongs. On the third album „Brusand Hav“ they chose a new direction, in which the members composed, produced and arranged all the music themselves.

This continues with Kraja's much anticipated fourth album, which was released in spring of 2015. Besides their own lyrics and poems by Swedish writers they also present traditional texts from different parts of the world, translated to Swedish. Throughout their time together, Kraja have sustained their foundation in traditional folkmusic, harmonies and sounds and captivated listeners from near and far.

Soon, Kraja will tour with their winter-album "Isen Sjunger" and also celebrate their 15-year-band anniversary!


I feel gratitude when I listen to Kraja’s new album. These four singers are simply getting better and better. This time they have composed music to lyrics by other writers and this takes their music to a whole new level. Vocals as clear as a bell, beautiful arrangements and, as a finishing touch, stylish guest appearances by Jonas Knutsson, Petter Berndalen and Chilean guitarist Nano Stern. Simply amazing!

Peter Ahlbom („Spelmannen“)

Kraja represents the essence of Nordic sound. Kraja simply stand there, a capella, and deliver four part singing with a perfection of form beyond comprehension. Four sharp, rippling voices without the least friction.

Mikael Strömberg („Aftonbladet“)

It’s so sensitive, so stylish and with such convincing and almost extraterrestrial expertise. Such shimmering, sparkling and irresistible four part singing – in which they easily and naturally switch between different moods and build elegance and dynamics. I knew since before that Kraja were really, really good. Despite that fact, I am completely knocked out by listening to their new album.

Tommy Granlund („Östran“)
  • Lisa Lestander: vocals
  • Eva Lestander: vocals
  • Frida Johansson: vocals
  • Linnea Nilsson: vocals
  • Isen Sjunger (2016)
  • Hur långt som helst (2015)
  • Brusand Hav (2011)
  • Under Himmelens Fäste (2008)
  • Vackert Väder (2005)
At the moment there are no concerts scheduled in Germany.