Traditional Portuguese sounds and elements of modern electronic music. What might be very far away from each other is brought together by OMIRI.

OMIRI is the project of Vasco Ribeiro Casais who lives in Lisbon and who is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and an original lateral thinker. Once he was part of the very successful folkrock band Dazkarieh which released seven albums until 2014. Now he works as a solo artist collecting pieces of traditional Portuguese vocals and dances, samples them and combines them with traditional instruments such as drums, accordion and nyckelharpa. Just in order to break open the sound by mixing it with powering electronic elements. The result is as unique as much as funny and charming.

With his unconventional mix OMIRI already thrilled many people far beyond Portugal. He played a showcase on the Dutch Eurosonic festival in 2018. In the same year he performed at Swedish Live at Heart festival as well as at the Rudolstadt festival in Germany.


What he touches becomes good music.

FOLKER, Christian Rath

Vasco Ribeira Casais is a multi-instrumentalist who plays around with traditional music in interesting and creative ways.

Roots World, David Cox

The video faces and voices of the singers and instrumentalists, from the very aged to children, including the drummers whose sound powered the beats, became the stars, and the packed audience sang along to the melodic hooks.

fROOTS, Andrew Cronshaw
  • Vasco Ribeiro Casais (nyckelharpa, drums, accordeon, guitar, electronics)
  • Baile Electrónico (2017)
At the moment there are no concerts scheduled in Germany.