Triakel consists of Emma Härdelin, voice and violin, Kjell-Erik Eriksson, violin and Janne Strömstedt, harmonium. All three have earned an excellent reputation in the Swedish folk scene.

The groups founding arose from a lost New Year's Eve bet, as a result of which Kjell-Erik and Janne played together with harmonium and violin in December 1994. The performance was so convincing that they decided to continue the project. The duo strengthened with Emma as a singer. With her, the band was complete. Since then, the trio has performed throughout Sweden and 15 other European countries. They also toured Japan, the U.S.A and Canada.

Triakel plays "Weisen" typical for Scandinavia, in Swedish visor (singular: visa). The repertoire ranges from traditional folk songs to psalms and old revue songs. Often, the old folk songs have their origins in Jämtland and Hälsingland in central northern Sweden, the home regions of the musicians. The music is unpretentious but full of inner tension and authenticity. The arrangements, tailored to Emma's vocals, shape the sound of the trio. This reflects the aspiration of the three musicians for the acoustic, the intimate and the simple.

In 1999, Triakel produced a single together with Benny Andersson titled "Innan Gryningen". Since their existence, the artists have recorded six CDs. The first came out in May 1998, the current CD „Thyra“ in spring 2014. All had a positive response from both audience and critics. Most discs were also released under license in Germany, the U.S and Japan and exported to other countries such as the UK, Russia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and South Africa.

In spring 2019 the trio released their album "Händelser i Norr” (Events in the North) which deals with stories from past times that were passed on orally.

  • Emma Härdelin: vocals
  • Kjell-Erik Eriksson: fiddle
  • Janne Strömstedt: harmonium
  • Händelser i Norr (2019)
  • Thyra (2014)
  • Ulrikas minne – Visor från Frostviken (2011)
  • Tio år Triakel (2005)
  • Sånger från 63° N (2004)
  • Vintervisor (2000)
  • Triakel (1998)
At the moment there are no concerts scheduled in Germany.
Past dates
Hamburg Heidbarghof
Berlin Labsaal
Hagenow Alte Synagoge
Leipzig Moritzbastei
Oldenburg Wilhelm 13
Laupheim Kulturhaus
Ansbach Kammerspiele
Nürnberg Tafelhalle
Bad Honnef Folk im Feuerschlösschen
Lörrach STIMMEN im Advent