New album 2018 "Shades Of Light" with the current single "Music Ain't My Thing"
28.04.2018 Release concert at Werk2 Leipzig

VOXID are five singers who have made a name for themselves as "tonalrausch" in the a cappella scene after almost ten years of common music creation. Several first prizes at renowned international competitions (e.g. Songwriting Competition of the German Choral Association 2016 ["How dare you" & "Summer Rain"] / International A Cappella Competition Graz 2008 / Taipei 2009) and numerous tours in Germany and abroad as well as invitations to big festivals let the band grow and develop an unforgettable musical handwriting.

In early 2016, the five musicians decide to give themselves a new name in order to develop freely and without any constraints. A liberation which can absolutely be heard and experienced live. VOXID break with old 'a cappella' clichés and stir up the scene. The quintet writes English pop music, energetic and diverse. Five exceptional voices that demonstrate to their audience that everything audible can be made audible by the human voice alone.

VOXID are five fascinating personalities with "brilliant exceptional voices" [Badische Zeitung], who fascinate the audience with modern pop, funk, R & B and a lot of self-irony. They "play with ease and a smile on their faces in a league where very few people are staying." []. With their fabulous powerful sound and their "unused, creative and extremely expressive ideas" [] they let everyday life disappear and plant good vibes in the listener's heads.

Innovative songwriting and creative covers guarantee an unforgettable evening, at the end of which there is a question in the room: all voice? Yes. VOXID.


The voices shine, the bass rumbles, the jazzy bits shimmer und the pop-rap bits hit their adult contemporary hip-hop mark.

RARB, Rebecca Christie

…fantastic balance between modern pop, vocal jazz, and R&B…

RARB, Andrew Adams
  • Maike Lindemann [Sopran]
  • Diana Labrenz [Alt]
  • Friedrich Rau [Tenor]
  • Joachim Rust [Bariton/Beatbox]
  • Daniel Barke [Bass/Beatbox/Producing]
  • Sonja Harth [Sounddesign]
  • Shades Of Light (2018)
  • VOXID (2016)
Song Snippets
  • Music Ain’t My Thing
  • Save Your Soul
  • How Dare You
  • Tears
Heidelberg Kulturfenster
Lörrach Burghof Lörrach
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